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Tramadol Online Overnight Mastercard - Tramadol For Sale Cheap

  • Recycling is obligatory for all guests
  • “Leave nothing but footprints”
  • All guests must observe the Purchasing Tramadol Online
  • There is a strict 10mph speed limit throughout the property
  • Family groups of ‘2’ maximum in Summer high season
  • We only accept groups at our discretion outside high season – please contact us before booking

Check In: From 9am

Our reception is open at 9am. If your pitch is available then we will endeavour to pitch you asap – but please note it may not be available if there is a changeover

Check Out: 10am prompt

To ensure arriving guests can get pitched quickly & efficiently  please be aware we do require a prompt check out

The only way to guarantee a late checkout is to book & pay for an extra night. Subject to availability and at our discretion

Our common sense rules are in place for the enjoyment of all clients, and as our home, we hope you respect it as such. We place a firm emphasis on recycling, the Countryside Code and ‘Keeping Britain Tidy’

 Check out time is 10am prompt
 Please follow our pitching instructions, it is for the privacy & enjoyment of all guests
 No visitors are permitted on site
 All guests are obliged to recycle & dispose of waste as directed
 All guests must adhere to the Countryside Code
 No excessive noise between 9 pm and 9 am
 Strict 5/10mph speed limits are imposed on all access & internal roads
 Cars may be parked alongside units but must not to be used for internal transport
 Please accompany young children within amenity buildings
 Avoid leaving refuse and rubbish bags outside your tent, as birds love to break them open!
 Barbecues are permitted ideally raised off the grass – strictly charcoal only
Camp fires, fire pits, chimineas & other heating sources are not permitted
 Please note it is illegal to remove stones from the beach.
Please do not allow your children to accumulate a collection of stones for our mower to find !
On departure, your pitch must be left litter, stone & peg free
Dog Owner Information
 Dogs are not permitted on The Orchard during school holidays. This includes pool, games & TV room
 Dogs must be kept on leads at all times
 Please do not take your dog into our facilities
 Please do not exercise your dog within the camping area
 Please do not leave your dog unattended for long periods
 Keep your dog cool & always provide fresh clean water
 Please remove dog mess immediately & dispose into the general waste bins

Help us spend money on trees not landfill!

We have a very strict ‘recycle where possible’ policy and clients are obliged to dispose of rubbish as advised – We expect that there will be 50/50 % ratio of recyclable waste Vs dirty waste

Free green recycling & black rubbish bags are supplied on arrival/request

Guidance is given within our arrival information for correct disposal but please note – we do not expect to dispose of your old tents, BBQ’s or camping tables!

We do not tolerate littering – we love where we live!

  • BBQ’s are permitted elevated off the grass. Charcoal only – Burning of wood/timber is not permitted
  • Gazebo are permitted only if they fit onto an XL pitch along with tent & car
  • Dogs are not permitted on ‘Orchard’ high season 15th July – 29th August
  • Extra cars must be parked at reception in Summer High Season