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Getting to the Isle of Wight & Ninham

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It is also very easy to travel to ‘The Island’ from across the UK, using all form of public transport – with passenger ferry options from Southampton, West Cowes, Portsmouth & Southsea

Once on the island, there is a expansive bus network covering all of the island, including a limited rail option – or opt to cycle on the miles of country lanes & cycle paths

See below,  all options for getting to Ninham

By Car

Ninham Farm is located off the Newport Road A3056 – please use postcode PO36 9PJ not our postal code 

Arrivals from the Cowes / Yarmouth direction : Go past the park entrance and proceed 400 metres to Morrisons Supermarket roundabout, turn 180 degrees and return to filter off left onto the private drive.Ninham Farm is located off the Newport Road

From Ryde / Fishbourne direction: Take the A3055 and turn onto the A3056 at Lake. Continue for 1km, passing over the Morrisons Supermarket roundabout, the drive is 400 metres further on your left

By Bike

You can follow the directions above, or if you prefer you can follow the miles of bridleways & cycle tracks to get to us safely mostly off the main roads. It is also possible to catch the boat & train via Ryde pier head right through to Shanklin station. Ninham is just a 10 minute ride from the station. Please contact us for any advice required

By Foot

This would depend where you have travelled from, but we would recommend travelling via Ryde pier head, and take the Island-line train to Shanklin. Please contact us for any advice required

By Train

There is a regular train service operating from Ryde Pier head which connects the east and south of the Isle of Wight via the towns of Ryde, Brading, Sandown, Lake and Shanklin

The trains operating the service are former London Underground electric trains, which gives the Island Line it’s very own unique identity and appeal !

You can buy a through ticket from London Waterloo to any station along the Island Line network which will include travel via either of the foot passenger ferry services

You can then catch a taxi ( approx £6-£10) to us, or walk if preferred along bridleways & foot paths


Ferry Information
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Red Funnel

Ferry Information
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Southern Vectis Buses

Bus Information
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Islandline Trains

Train Information
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